Setitup Online


One of the UK’s top Shopify experts, we design and build creative, functional and ecstatically pleasing Shopify e-commerce sites. Not only that, but our designers, developers and marketers work closely with each other and clients to support businesses beyond site build. Our wealth in multicultural markets e-commerce knowledge makes the Shopify e-commerce site one extra step that others don’t have. ( Developing a site for Arabic or Hebrew were things flow from right to left and need to switch back to English isn’t that simple).


Atelier Customisation

There are endless ways you can modify your Shopify store to enhance its appeal. It all starts with pen and paper, or whiteboards. Prototype PICKTIVE design are produced which are then passed to our atelier department, they are experts in what Shopify graphics limitations, and are conscious of what should no be added to the site in order no to create any side effects.


Deep code development

Our experienced and passionate developers work closely with our clients to help bring their e-commerce stores to life but at the same time developing extra features and functions the will create a better cutting edge that will attract sales and marketing.



The story never ends there!! . Once the site is done we will try to build long lasting relationships with our customers that continue long after an initial project is finished. 92% of our clients tend to like this and keep us by their side constantly changing and evolving their sites

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